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Effective Storage of Archival Materials (National Institute)

Usually do not do just about anything which is not Reversible edit source edit

  • Do not use pen to create on any photograph or document, also in the straight back. Only use soft pencil to record identification in the straight back of an image. Be mindful that the writing will not keep the feeling or embossing at first glance. Write over the base or edges just. It’s also archivally safe to make use of a PIGMA pen to create from the relative back of photographs.
  • Usually do not make repairs with ordinary adhesive tape. There are special tapes that are archival other materials designed for this function. Analysis appropriate archival methods prior to trying any fix or cleansing.
  • Try not to laminate almost everything. a strategy called encapsulation, utilizing archival quality Mylar, achieves exactly the same objective of protecting the document; it really is reversible additionally the materials are chemically inert. The document is put within an archival safe web page protector, most of the air is very very carefully squeezed down therefore the open edge sealed with double-sided tape that is acid-free.
  • Don’t use ordinary glue to install photographs plus don’t make use of ‘magnetic’ picture records. You will find archival quality hinges and photo corners available for mounting on acid-free sheets. Another strategy is always to cut slits in acid-free paper to place the corners regarding the picture. Archival quality glue happens to be available from scrapbooking shops.
  • Adhesive labels are popular with regards to their convenience. Remember that, firstly— they just do not constantly stay affixed for lengthy and secondly, unless the adhesive is archival quality, and few are, it could destroy that part of the document. Them, place behind an inconsequential part of the photo or photocopy if you insist on using. Protect well from Damage By Light, Heat, Dirt, Handling and Chemicals. Continue reading